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Mobile Baby Elephants Wood


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Appeared above the baby cot or the changing table, the elephant party Mobile moves from teak wood and leather already with light air movements. Designed was the Mobile 2019 by Ole Flenssted. It is handcrafted and balanced. A nice gift for childbirth and also to other occasions. The Mobiles of the Danish brand Flenssted Mobiles look good through his discreetly beautiful design in every room, not only in the children's room they inspire big & small.

Marke: Flensted Mobiles

Farbe: Nature; Brown

Material: Wood; leather

Größe: 46 x 73 cm

Details: Mounting required; ears of leather

Design: Ole Flensted.

Flenssted Mobiles from Denmark

Three generations ease

Lightness is happiness in suspension. So Christian and Grethe Flensted have felt when they crafted a mobile from elegantly floating storks in 1953 for baptism of her daughter.

Storks are also in Denmark traditional lucky charm for childbirth. Guests were excited about the "Danish Lucky Storks". Immediately, demand for these little works of art developed. In the following year 1954, the Flenssteds founded the Flenssted Mobiles brand out of their living room. Demand for the disturbances from Denmark soon exceeded the spatial and temporal capacities of the young parents. Meanwhile, her son Ole had seen the light of day, so relocation to larger premises was indispensable.

For 27 years Christian and Grethe Flensted led the company. In 1982 Ole took over the label together with his wife Aase. Since 2017, the granddaughter Christine Fllensted leads the shops. Today, the brand is the world's leading providers of artistically demanding and perfectly dispensed mobile. From a loving idea, a renowned traditional company, which is today led in the third generation.

Art in motion

The freely hanging, finely balanced structures move in the quietest wind hook. The movement becomes an aesthetic component of works of art. The variety of Flenssted Mobiles is impressive and the quality of handmade uniqueats is outstanding. The family operations based on the island of Funen produces exclusively in Denmark. For the company, 60 home improvements working all come from Funen.

At Pippa & Fritz there is a selection of the wonderful designer mobile from Denmark. They are uniquely fascinating in their fragile beauty. Hardly anyone can escape their magic. With them are elegantly flying swallows and fish swarms, impressive elephant herds and cheerfully colorful balloons into the nursery. Filigree structures with artfully drifting clouds ("Drifting Clouds") spread a quiet and relaxed mood in every baby room.

Floating worlds in the smallest room

The floating artworks of Flenssted Mobiles are wonderful worlds of tender beauty. There are the perfect gifts for childbirth or for a baby saloon. The Danish label is not only aimed at children, but also to adults. Whether colorful motifs in the type of scissor cuts or three-dimensional figures, the timeless buildings of Flenssted are more than just decoration. They are art.

Their restrained designs make them almost unlimited usable, in the baby room, in the children's room and also in all other rooms. The mobile rain on the imagination. There are floating worlds to tell around stories. The creativity of the designer is limitless. There are colorful children's worlds for adventurers and balloon drivers. By the way, the "Balloons" are real classics and were designed in 1979 by Ole Flenssted. In general, many of the early designs under art friends today are today as a classic, for example the Flensted Mobile "Flowing Rythm" of 1955 or "Futura" from 1970. The exceptional designer mobile from Flenssted are as created to ensure balance in the adult world.


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