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Mobile planet


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The planet Mobile from the brand Authentic Models from the Netherlands shows detailed our solar system. Of course, the planets circle here tooMercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto around the sun.All planets are arranged in the right order and can give the children a first impression of our solar system. It is a particularly beautiful and stylish decoration for the nursery, where children and adults have long joy.

Marke: Authentic Models

Farbe: Brown; nature

Material: plastic

Größe: 51 x 135 x 45 cm (L x B x H)

Gewicht: 1,2 kg

Details: Representation of the solar system, handmade

Zusätzliche Information: Made in China, printed in Netherland

Authentic Models from the Netherlands

Interior with history

The Authentic Models brand from the Netherlands designed furniture and decoration elements that allow a small journalism into different decades and epochs. Their products are inspired by the past and keep the story alive in a certain way. Because Authentic Models has set itself the task of making historical replicas. So you will find in your product range cabinets, lamps and various home accessories with a nostalgic charm. When manufacturing, Authentic Models relies on high-quality materials that are selected with care. In addition, all your products are handmade. Authentic Models attaches great importance to the correct view. Thus, their products rely on the many different details from the crowd.

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