Multi-Aufbewahrungsdecke Svende Tuscany Rose/Sandy Ø 110 cm

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Die Spielmatte Svende von Liewood vereint Komfort, Funktionalität und praktische Aufbewahrung in einem. Diese gepolsterte Babyspielmatte sorgt nicht nur für maximalen Komfort und Genuss beim Spielen, sondern auch für Ordnung in deinem Zuhause. Mit ihrem einfachen Aufbewahrungssystem ist die Svende Matte leicht zu tragen und zu transportieren. Sie lässt sich mühelos zusammenrollen und verstauen, wenn sie nicht benötigt wird. Hergestellt aus 100 % Bio-Baumwolle und mit 100 % Polyester gepolstert, ist diese Spielmatte nicht nur weich und angenehm, sondern auch sicher für dein Baby. Sie ist perfekt für den täglichen Gebrauch und bietet eine ideale Unterlage zum Spielen, Krabbeln und Entdecken.

Marke: Liewood

Farbe: rosa

Material: Bio-Baumwolle; Polyester

Größe: Ø 110 cm

Gewicht: 505 g

Altersempfehlung: ab Geburt

Zusätzliche Information: Made in Indien

Liewood from Denmark

Great design for small children

Liewood is a young label from Denmark based in Copenhagen. In the summer of 2015, Anne Marie Lie Nielsen and Anja Skov founded the Liewood brand, which stands for modern design for modern families. The brand name consists of the two surnames of the founders, because Skov is the Danish word for forest or for Wood in English. This merger of the two names is not just a marketing idea to better place the label internationally. The brand name also refers to the close cooperation between the two founders.

Like Anja, the 1980 Born Anne Marie was studied designer. But she also has a congenital sense of style and beauty. As a teenager, she met her girlfriends in a leisure center, where they sew their own skirts, clothes and underwear. As a subsidiary of a contractor from Aalborg, she has developed a more practical approach to her profession. She is together with Anne Charlotte Hovard Lembye, the third woman in the leaf, the managing director of the company and now also the proud mother. Anne Marie knows exactly what children and their parents love. Liewood combined from the beginning practicability, functionality and creativity in a fascinating way. The success of the products speaks for itself.

Slow Living instead of almost fashion

They are the tender shades and the playful design that distinguish the label. At Pippa & Fritz there is a selection of great leased products. We know how important the children's room is as a retreat for the little ones. Here you should feel well and recovered. Nursery facilities of Liewood create a hygelous atmosphere. The high-quality materials and the outstanding quality of the processing have made Liewood a successful designer brand.

The founders of the label rose from the beginning to longevity and sustainability of their products. If possible, they should be passed on generations over generations. For the soft, cuddly textiles organic cotton is processed. The organic products of Liewood are sustainable because they are made of renewable material. The eating and drinking dishes consists of BPA-free silicone or biodegradable PLA. Whether drinking straws, cutlery, mugs or plates, everything can easily be cleaned hygienic and is therefore also ready for use for a subsequent sibling. Liewood is the opposite of almost fashion.

Design concepts for a whole children's universe

The beauty is in detail. What happens at first glance as extremely functional, looks at a closer look at his charming aesthetics and its fine design as a modern classic. Scandinavian minimalism expresses itself in clear and playful forms, in pastoral and yet fresh colors and practical functionality. The typical design of the Danish brand is irresistible.

Behind all interior is a furnishing concept. The uniform design and the timeless leased louk make all combinations possible. A wall carpet or a flag chain are very wonderful as a restrained decoration for the baby room. Soft, cute stuffed animals for cuddling and loving, toys of nature rubber or wood, night lights looking like small, cozy rabbits, pandas, bears or kittens, let children's hearts raise. The little loves of this perfect, all of your needs-oriented children's universe of Liewood - and we are also enthusiastic about Pippa & Fritz.



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