Nachtlicht Roboter Hero


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Das Nachtlicht Roboter Hero von flow Amsterdam vertreibt die nächtliche Dunkelheit damit dein Kind entspannter einschlafen kann. Hergestellt aus weichem, BPA-freiem PVC liegt er angenehm in der Hand und kann zum Einschlafen auch mit ins Bett genommen werden. Über die Ein-/Aus-Taste kannst du den Hero die ganze Nacht leuchten lassen oder stellst den Timer ein. Dann erlischt das Licht wieder nach 15 Minuten. Highlight: Roboter Hero verfügt über sieben verschiedene Leucht-Modi in unterschiedlichen Farben. Um zwischen den Modi zu wechseln, klopfst du einfach auf ihn. Der integrierte Akku hält für eine Zeitspanne von 10 bis 20 Stunden. Innerhalb von zwei Stunden ist er mit dem beigelegten Micro-USB-Kabel wieder aufgeladen und einsatzbereit für den nächsten Nachtdienst. Eine praktische und schöne Geschenkidee.

Marke: flow Amsterdam

Farbe: weiß

Material: Aus weichem, BPA freiem PVC

Größe: 11 x 7,5 x 16 cm

Altersempfehlung: Ab 36 Monaten

Sicherheitshinweis: Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter drei Jahren.

Flow Amsterdam from the Netherlands

The founders and designers of the label Flow Amsterdam are happy to hold in the background. You do not lose words about yourself. That's not necessary, because your products say everything. Above all, the wonderful night lights, with which the brand from the Netherlands has been attentive to himself. The great children's lamps are often copied, but in their originality and quality they are unsurpassed. The safety of the children has the highest priority in the Dutch label. The material of the lights is BPA and lead-free, it is stable, but also elastic and soft in the forms. The interior of the night lights is technically absolutely secure. But the best thing is: they are easy to use.

At Pippa & Fritz there is a selection of children's lamps from Flow Amsterdam, which not only marvel the little ones. All night lights from Flow Amsterdam change the color while tapping and the intensity of light. They are as shapely that you want to touch them immediately. Your warm light, your soft material and the child-friendly design make you irresistible. However, the label from Amsterdam can only decoration only. A smiley in the nursery, a whale or an 80 cm high rocket are great eye-catcher.

Enchanting nightlife in the nursery

Which child is not looking forward to a toy camera, which stands to him at night in the dark? For example, there is the small robot called hero. He can stand at the bed all night and donate soothing light. It does not only change the color, but also the intensity of light. Depending on requirements, the children can create their own feel-good atmosphere. The beautiful is that the small robot also spreads a good mood as a toy during the day.

For the adventurous children, Pippa & Fritz children's lamps are in the form of missiles. Apollo, so are the cool night lights of Flow Amsterdam, there are different sizes. They too are more than just lamps. They give rain to creative games and stories. In your light, it's wonderful to read and read. With an adventure history in the Apollo Schein, parents certainly the children's attention.

A starry sky for the baby room

The night lights of the Dutch label are wonderful ashing aids. But they are also soothing and subtle light sources while breastfeeding. The big whale named Moby lights the baby room with its warm light. There is him in different sizes and his light changes through easy pressing or a simple shaking his colors. Moby is made of soft but robust vinyl. The smaller whale is operated with button cells and can therefore be taken safely with bed and under the blanket. He will not be hot and lights up as needed all night.

Björn The bear works as a projector. The little bear is cozy and naughty on his thick stomach. His body is sewn with stars and projects small points of light on the ceiling and the walls of the baby room. The cute Björn is a great guy. It is made of soft, elastic material and just waits to be in bed. His lighting effects fascinate and calm equally. Flow Amsterdam ensures that the little ones feel comfortable.

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