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Halfbird belongs to a new generation of creative and socially committed labels in Germany. Behind Halfbird hides the young artist Mona, who designs their enchanting art as a poster with the help of their little team. There are art prints of originals painted with watercolor paints and oil cheeses and beautify each nursery.

Marke: Halfbird

Farbe: bunt

Material: Paper

Größe: Dean

Details: watercolor

Zusätzliche Information: Made in Germany

This poster in the format DIN A3 (29.7 cm x 42.0 cm) shows animals in space. Every single motive is loving and detailed drawn and painted in natural colors. The poster as a whole, but every single one of the motifs is a work of art for themselves. Again and again there are small fascinating details to discover. Halfbird thinks sustainable. The posters are more than decoration. They are the result of a consistently implemented young and future-oriented minettets. For printing the posters, oil-free organic colors are used on vegetable oil based. The pressure itself is climate-neutral. The white recycled paper used is chlorine-free bleached. With a thickness of 170g / m2 it is a high quality paper, which is not too heavy at the same time and allows a simple suspension. Halfbird is a label from Frankfurt am Main and its products are in the truest sense "Made in Germany". Halfbird supports social projects in the region not only by donations, but above all by targeted distribution of work orders. The young entrepreneur MONA manages to act in its art as well as in its entrepreneurial action, values ​​and content with an ease that is optimistic. "Made in Germany" also works in the small one.

Halfbird from Germany

Ideas are lively on paper

Behind the Halfbird brand hides Mona. Through Halfbird, she can completely live her creative vein and bring it to paper. She creates postcards, posters, mobile and much more. Your artistic treasures are produced environmentally friendly and sustainable. So your postcards and posters are printed on recycled paper climate-neutral. When manufacturing, it also pays attention to short-held manufacturing paths. Because of this, as well as everything is produced in your hometown Frankfurt.

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