Montana Furniture

Regal Module Panton Wire Extended in different colors


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color: Snow

The Panton Wire Extended module is part of the Iconic Wire Tray System of Verner Panton from 1971. The wire module is available in depths 18.8 cm and 34.8 cm and consists of 5 mm wire, in chrome version or painted in the Colors Snow, Black, Monarch and Pine. It can be used alone or in combination with other Panton Wire products - hanging on the floor, hanging on the wall or as a room divider. With a table top, this module is also suitable as a living room table. The Panton Wire Module simply offers a variety of different applications and adds easy to every living style.

Marke: Montana

Farbe: blau; weiß; grün; schwarz; silber

Material: Stahl

Größe: B 70 x H 34,8 x T 34,8 cm

Details: max. Belastbarkeit an der Wand: 20 kg, max. Belastbarkeit auf dem Boden: 20 kg, leicht kombinierbar, EU Ecolabel zertifiziert, robust und langlebig, 10 Jahre Herstellergarantie, Material ist verchromt

Design: Verner Panton

Pflegehinweis: mit feuchtem Tuch abwischbar

Zusätzliche Information: Made in Denmark

Weitere Informationen: Das Panton Wire wird mit entfernbaren Füßen, Montageklammern und Aufhängehalterungen geliefert, sodass Sie das Modul auf dem Boden platzieren oder an der Wand montieren können. Maximale Belastung an Wand 10 kg. Maximale Belastung auf Boden 40 kg.

Montana Furniture from Denmark

Create space for personality

The family-run company Montana Furniture has been offering generations of personalized storage solutions since 1982. The Danish company for top furniture was founded by Peter J., which also developed the modular Montana system. Today, the company leads Peter's Son Joakim, who works in the fifth family generation with furniture, and the great-grand chalk is Fritz Hansen.

Infinite possibilities with Montana

Montana Furniture is based on Peter J. Let's philosophy that we all have the need and desire the natural demand to create our own personal freedom. With Montana you get endless possibilities and the freedom to create the look so that suits exactly one.

A great selection of 42 environmentally friendly colors

The functional and flexible Montana system is presented in a range of 42 poetic and complex colors developed in close cooperation with the award-winning Danish designer and colorXpertin Margrethe Odgaard.

Colors mean everything. Mood. The atmosphere. Comfort. Identity. At Montana, colors of the linchpin are in our design. We want to influence and inspire the world through colors. Light and bright. Rich and strong colors. There is a color for everything.

Danish design - made in Denmark

The design, development and production of all Montana modules takes place in Denmark. In the small town of Harby on the island of Funen, more than 140 professionals work daily to comply with the highest standards in terms of processing, painting and assembly - to ensure that the Montana furniture will last a lifetime.

Since 2007, Montana has used only water-based paint colors that contain no harmful solvents. The Montana System has received the Danish Indoor Climate Certificate (Danish Indoor Climate Label), and the company was one of the first furniture brands in Europe awarded the official European EU eco-label. This environmental sign is for the entire Montana system - and includes all The MDF matimally made furniture.

Peter J. let - under respectable architects

After an activity at the Danish Navy, Peter J. Jassen turned to a career in the furniture industry in 1954. His collaboration with the famous architect Arne Jakobsen, Jørn Utzon, Piet Hein and Verner Panton, shows itself unmistakably on the clear lines of his design.

Today, Montana manufactures in addition to its own designs of Peter J. and Joakim also let tables and chairs that made by Arne Jakoben, Verner Panton, Schmit Hammer and Jakob Wagner were designed.

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