Ringroad 12 parts

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The Ringroad set is made for younger children who have just discovered Waytoplay. It includes a selection of all the pieces and is an inexpensive option to get started. Great set for children who are training fine motor skills.

    Marke: waytoplay

    Farbe: black

    Material: rubber

    Größe: 170cm

    Gewicht: 800g

    Details: Compliant with the strictest toy standards in Europe, USA, Japan and China (EN71, REACH and CCC).

    Altersempfehlung: from 3 years

    Zusätzliche Information: Made in Netherlands

    The flexible and durable play street is 170 cm long in total and consists of 8 curves, 2 straight parts, 1 intersection and 1 roundabout. The play street set can be used in a variety of ways indoors and outdoors and encourages imaginative play. The high-quality, child-safe material is robust, unbreakable and yet flexible, allowing obstacles to be overcome and roads to be laid on almost any surface.


    Toy roads for everywhere

    In 2017, the WaytoPlay brand went to market. And it quickly became clear that their products will take playing with cars to a new level. WaytoPlay produces road elements for children that guarantee fun simply anywhere. No matter if indoors, in the garden or even on the beach. With these road elements there is simply no question of finding a suitable base. The production of the small road elements takes place in Germany. Then the road markings are added in the Netherlands. To be able to guarantee a high standard of safety and quality, the entire production process is strictly controlled. Their products are made of 100% durable PVC, which is completely safe for children's health. In addition, they are completely free of BPA, cadmium, PAH and phthalates.

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