Play & Go

Toy bag car mini


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The toy bag car from the Belgian brand Play & Go is the perfect retention option. It consists of 70% cotton and 30% polyester and has a diameter of 40 cm. At the edge a drawstring is attached, with which the sack can be easily pulled together and closed. Games such as building blocks, dolls, cars and much more can be tidied up and taken with this practical storage solution. Ideal for on the go and home. 

Marke: Play & Go

Farbe: creme

Material: Baumwolle; Polyester

Größe: Ø 40 cm

Details: einseitig bedruckt, Kordelzug

Pflegehinweis: 30°C

Zusätzliche Information: Made in China

Play & Go from Belgium

Order & Fun United

The Play & Go brand comes from Belgium and has set itself the task of combining game fun and order. Through her sophisticated design in combination with beautiful motives, their colorful gaming bags have arisen, which can also be used as a play cover at the same time. When making your products, use mostly cotton to make the play blanket soft, but also robust. Simply a virtually beautiful and at the same time decorative style of storage.

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