Wax crayons holder 8x8


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Clear and tidy: There is space for up to 8 wax crayons and blocks in this beautiful wooden stand. Ideal for the children's room, kindergarten or school. The matching pens and pads from Stockmar are not included, but you can also find them in our shop.

Marke: Stockmar

Farbe: nature

Material: Oak wood

Größe: 14.5x6cm


And it is no coincidence that the powerful yet harmonious color palette of all STOCKMAR products is based on its color wheel. The name STOCKMAR has stood for high-quality products for almost 100 years thanks to careful selection of raw materials, high-quality workmanship and excellent drawing and modeling properties. From the knowledge of the effect of colors and artistic creation, products are developed that promote the artistic experience and appeal to all the senses. The result is extraordinary products that enable a unique artistic experience - whether at home, in kindergarten, at school or in a therapeutic environment.

It is important to the company to take part in social shaping and change processes. STOCKMAR products were developed based on the demands of a committed teaching staff for a new quality of teaching materials. The ecological and social sustainability of all processes – from raw materials to manufacturing to the supply chain – is part of their DNA. This is how we provide inspiration for the future based on tradition.

How can business and the future be combined? STOCKMAR does not operate with a focus on profit and growth; rather, their actions should serve a purpose. As a company of of the Neuguss Group, STOCKMAR therefore puts its profits back into the service of social effectiveness. For a sustainable economy, society and education.

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