Elsewhere, diary


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To stay elsewhere, be the best friends or with grandparents, is so exciting and exciting. And so that these great adventures, impressions and stories never get lost, it requires a great overnight diary. With the "elsewhere stay" diary from the publisher Strait, all the beautiful experiences and memory can be collected in a wonderful book. On about 108 pages there are ready-made templates on which one can hold every adventure in detail. And thus never forgets again. The book offers enough space for all beautiful experiences and thus makes them tangible forever.

Marke: Stratier

Farbe: dark blue

Material: Paper

Größe: 15 x 15 cm

Details: Hardcover made of linen; 108 pages

Altersempfehlung: from 6 years

Strait from Belgium

Memories for holding

Dieter and Tom, two young fathers and graphic artists, are the founders of the Strait Verlag. Inspired by their children, they want to offer people with their products the opportunity to growing up and hold their children's childhood independently. However, not digital. As it is usually the case in our fast times, but in beautiful books. They want to create something tangible and sustainable to give the memories a nice place and frame. It should also be something that can be taken through the years. And that's exactly what you have succeeded in creating cute graphics and great designs. Your various collections consist of diaries, friend books and poetry albums that can hold the highlights of the smallest. So they offer with their various books the possibility of a small time travel.

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