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Passion for retro toys

Since 1991, the worldwide distribution leader of the Plantoys Alain de Rauw brand is home in the toy industry. What has steadily accompanied him was the passion for unique vintage toys. Toy, which is produced with dedication to prepare children and adult joy. Starting with a personal collector's passion of sheet metal toy, De Rauw has fulfilled its very personal childhood dream with the founding of the "Mr & Mrs Tin" brand. MR & MRS Tin manufactures toy robots in tin, which is inspired by the classic sheet metal toy of the 50s and 60s. DE Rauw does not only want to wake up beautiful childhood memories in adults, but also encourage children to play creative playing. His goal is to make the vintage blind robots modern again and to build on the successful level of the 50s / 60s.

The topic of sustainability also employs the brand. You want to set a statement against the "Disposable Society" with your tinplate robots. Because their robots are both robust as well as very durable. A total of 8 different robot designs are handcrafted with great attention to detail in a small factory in Shanghai. Not only by the strictly limited edition, but also by the pure hand work, every single robot becomes a real unique piece. There are only 2000 pieces per design, equipped with a collector certificate with a continuous number, which allows every collector's heart to be higher.