Door hook zoo monkey band 3er set


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The door hooks monkey gangs from the German brand of Box are made of sheet steel and about 1.5 mm thick. The timelessly beautiful design comes from Martin Hirth. The set consists of 3 different door hooks, a dark gray gorilla, a brown orangutan and a light gray gibbon. The hooks are suitable for doors up to about 18 mm folding strength and can be easily hanged on the door. A practical beautiful wardrobe for every baby and children's room. Whether jackets, bathrobes, backpacks, bags, cuddly toys or chains, so children can play their favorite pieces. Best of all: you can not see on the door hook not so fast, as you are timeless and simple and find a place on every door.

Marke: Frombox

Farbe: Brown; Gray

Material: Sheet steel

Größe: 27 x 14 x 2 cm

Gewicht: 280 g

Design: Martin Hirth

Pflegehinweis: wipeable with a damp cloth

From Box from Germany

Interior with character

Frombox is a German design label for modern interior, which stands for innovative and durable products. You connect both functionality as well as an unmistakable style that complements each institution individually. Their furniture is original and are characterized by their quality materials and longevity. Convinced from your interior is behind each product a designer with his name. Frombox attaches great importance to uniqueness, so your products are manufactured in mostly small manufactories, making each single piece of furniture unique. Not only their products are their hearts, but also the support of the non-profit project "Orang-Utans-In-Not" to preserve the tropical rainforest of the islands Borneo and Sumatra before deforestation.

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