What does a baby room really need?

The anticipation prevails. Soon a new little person will join your family and you will feel your heart pounding in your chest. Overwhelming feelings between anticipation, fear, uncertainty and pure love. The first thing we want to do is give the little person a place in our home and build him a little nest. A room is decorated with love in order to welcome it. But what does a baby room really need? One thing can be said clearly: the baby will not know whether the giraffe fits the duvet, whether there are enough drawers and whether the diaper table is in the right place. Young parents design the baby's room primarily for themselves and that's a good thing. The ambition to do everything perfectly is understandable, but not necessary. Imperfect is perfect. Over the next few months it will become clear what you really need and what you only bought because it was nice. That's ok too. It's all part of the process of integrating the little person into your family and if it was the special rug that made you feel better, then the purchase was the right one.

How will it work? The baby will sleep in your bedroom and won't notice much of his nursery at first. If the diaper table - if you want it at all, because a desk, the washing machine or the parents' bed can also be used for changing diapers - is in the baby's room, then that is the first reason why you go to this room. It is important that you have everything sorted and ready to hand. Your must have: A diaper pail. The baby room is also suitable as a quiet retreat for breastfeeding. So above all, design it so that you feel comfortable in it.

The baby bed might be the first thing on your shopping list before the baby comes into the world. Beds that can grow with you are particularly suitable here. When the little ones start to climb, it is advisable to buy a bed that is convertible. From Charlie Crane you get baby beds where you can remove the front part and adapt it to any age.

In our shop you will find several useful products for the baby room. But the most important thing is that you always remember that every need is individual, that you first have to get to know your little person and his needs and that your gut feeling is always the right thing.

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Written by Catherine